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Organic vs. Synthetic Fertilizers For Your Landscaping Needs In Defiance

Organic soil fertilizer bag next to plants

Unleashing The Power Of Fertilizers Ever wondered why your neighbor’s lawn is so lush and vibrant? Or why your tomatoes never seem as plump and juicy as the ones at the local farmer’s market? The secret could be in the fertilizer they’re using being best for Ohio’s soil types. This blog post will delve into […]

Pergola Vs Gazebo For Your Landscape In Bryan, OH?

Pergola Vs Gazebo Pros Cons - Image Split in Two

If you want to add a shade structure in your outdoor space, the most popular upgrades here in Bryan, OH, are pergolas and gazebos. But which is better? In a nutshell, pergolas are great to add on a patio or a deck, whereas a gazebo works great in a landscape or a garden. However, we’ve […]

How To Build An Outdoor Fire Pit–The Best Way

A fire pit in an outdoor living space.

There’s nothing like relaxing by a toasty fire on a cool evening. If you’re planning to build an outdoor fire pit, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to make sure you do it the right way. How To Build An Outdoor Fire Pit In this blog post, we’ll walk you […]

How To Plant Garlic: A Complete Guide And More

Fresh picked garlic clove

Garlic is a popular and simple crop to grow at home and is a staple ingredient in many recipes. Planting and harvesting your own garlic at home is a fun project that requires relatively little work and keeps your garden active year-round.  So today, the team at Farrell’s Lawn & Garden Center put together this comprehensive […]

What Growing Zone In Ohio Are You In?

Ohio plants in garden center

Walking the aisles of a large gardening store can be overwhelming. The plants on the seed packages look bright and healthy, but are they the right plants for the gardening zone you’re located in?  Having a local approach to gardening is your best bet for a flourishing garden.  The soil characteristics and air quality change […]

9 Ohio-Native Plants Your Garden Is Missing

Plants in mulch beside short retaining wall

Rolling hills, beautiful mountainsides, and seasonal flora attract visitors to Ohio each year. However, you can also have a manicured, manageable, and healthy piece of the hills right in your yard! These perennial Ohio-native plants can brighten your garden and beautify your home naturally. These nine plants are not only beautiful, but they have some […]

How To Install A Weed Barrier For Better Landscaping

Installing landscaping fabric as a weed barrier - Farrell’s Lawn And Garden Center

This Is The Basic Process For How Contractors Install A Weed Barrier For Clients In Williams County, Ohio, And The Surrounding Areas. In this post, you can find out how landscape fabric works, its benefits, what you’ll need to install it, how to install it, and tips. How Does Landscaping Fabric Work? You’ll love having […]

How Much Does Beautiful Landscaping Cost In Bryan, OH?

Basic Landscape Maintenance Service - Farrell’s Lawn And Garden Center

Your Neighbors Are Investing This Much To Enhance Their Curb Appeal If you’re like most homeowners in Bryan, Ohio, you’re always looking for ways to improve your home’s appearance and add to its resale value. One great way to do both is by landscaping your yard. A well-designed and well-maintained landscape can add significant curb […]