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Lawn Care Services In Bryan, OH

Transform your outdoor sanctuary with comprehensive lawn care in Bryan, OH.

Lawn Care Services Bryan Ohio
A well-maintained lawn enhances curb appeal and boosts property value, a worthy investment for any Bryan, OH homeowner. Moreover, professional lawn care ensures your yard remains an enjoyable, safe space for your family.

As Farrell’s Lawn & Garden Center, a locally-owned family business with 45+ years of expertise, we provide state-of-the-art lawn care services. Our convenient lawn care packages, 3D design capabilities, and commitment to using only kids- and pet-safe fertilizers make us the top lawn care contractor in Bryan, OH.

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Clayton Farrell, owner of Farrell's Lawn & Garden Center

Clayton Farrell – Owner of Farrell’s Lawn & Garden

Clayton has been an active part in the family business for as long as he can remember. As the proud owner of Farrell’s 4-decades-old legacy, he continues to show his talent and commitment by designing, installing, and maintaining Ohio’s and Indiana’s landscapes.

Transform Your Lawn into a Serene Oasis

Choose Farrell’s Lawn & Garden Center and let our vast experience and innovative solutions convert your lawn into a tranquil retreat, a space that radiates aesthetic charm and provides a safe environment for your loved ones.

Elevate your lifestyle with our top-notch lawn care in Bryan, OH:

Reaping the Benefits of Professional Lawn Care in Bryan, OH

Enlisting the services of Farrell’s Lawn & Garden Center for your lawn care needs in Bryan, OH, is more than just outsourcing your yard work. It’s about ensuring your green lawn is brimming with lush, healthy grass and is a source of pride and joy to you, your family, and the entire neighborhood.

Many homeowners realize the importance of lawn care in the spring and fall, but might underestimate the work involved. Seasonal services like fertilization and over-seeding can replenish crucial nutrients, promoting a vibrant, lush lawn all year round.

Regular mowing is essential to maintain a healthy, green lawn. Our state-of-the-art equipment and skilled team ensure an even cut every time, encouraging dense growth and discouraging pests.

Our kids- and pet-safe fertilizers provide the perfect blend of nutrients needed to enhance your lawn’s soil fertility, ensuring a verdant, lush landscape that is as safe as it is beautiful.
Our comprehensive lawn care packages are designed to enhance overall lawn health. From disease control to pest prevention, we offer solutions that keep your lawn vibrant and lush, while adding value to your property.

Remember, professional lawn care is more than just an aesthetic choice, it’s an investment in your property and a commitment to creating a safer, more enjoyable outdoor space. Trust Farrell’s Lawn & Garden Center to deliver top-notch lawn care in Bryan, OH. Call us at (419) 636-5429 today.

Hear From Our Satisfied Customers!

Discover how Farrell’s Lawn & Garden Center has transformed the landscapes of Bryan, OH, through the words of our happy customers. Reading their testimonials will showcase the high-quality lawn care we provide, and you could soon join the ranks of our satisfied homeowners.


James Stotz​


Had new landscaping done around home. Old removed and new put down. Did good job of explaining alternatives. Work done at reasonable price and quality met expectations. Just an FYI-I never give 5 star review as that indicates perfection.


Cindy Seaman


Farrell’s lawn and garden center was very helpful on the planning and executing our landscaping project.

The staff was very knowledgeable regarding the products that were used in our project.

The staff is readily available to answer any questions you may have and to assist in anyway possible. We could not have done this project without their expertise knowledge and assistance.

The Complete Guide to Lawn Care in Bryan, OH

Taking care of your lawn in Bryan, OH, requires more than just occasional watering and mowing. It’s a year-round commitment, with different tasks to be performed each season, and several factors to consider. To help you understand better, here’s a comprehensive guide to lawn care in Bryan, OH:

Here in Bryan, OH, warm-season grasses such as Bermuda grass, St. Augustine grass, and Zoysia grass thrive due to our climate. These grass types turn a lush, vibrant green in response to warmth and can tolerate the heat of our summers.

Proper watering is vital for maintaining a healthy lawn in Bryan, OH. Irrigate deeply and less frequently, allowing the water to reach the deep root systems of your grass. Early morning watering is recommended to reduce evaporation.

Controlling weeds is an essential aspect of lawn care. In Bryan, OH, common weeds like dandelions and crabgrass can be a nuisance. Regular weeding, the use of pre-emergent herbicides, and maintaining a healthy, dense lawn can help keep these weeds at bay. Native plants that can thrive alongside your grass can also add variety and appeal to your lawn.
Fertilizing your lawn replenishes lost nutrients and ensures your grass remains healthy and vibrant. In Bryan, OH, we recommend fertilization in early spring when your grass starts to green up. Always use a slow-release, granular fertilizer and remember to water your lawn after fertilization to help the soil absorb the nutrients.
In Bryan, OH, pests such as grubs and diseases like brown patch can pose a significant threat to your lawn. Regular health checks, using eco-friendly pest control methods, and implementing preventive measures can ensure your lawn stays free from pests and diseases.

Maintaining a lush, healthy lawn in Bryan, OH, entails understanding the specifics of our local climate, soil, and the particular needs of your grass type. At Farrell’s Lawn & Garden Center, we offer comprehensive lawn care services tailored to these unique requirements. Contact us today for your lawn care needs.

Witness Our Expertise in Action

Discover the transformative power of professional lawn care by exploring our diverse project portfolio. Each project showcases our commitment to quality, attention to detail, and the breathtaking results you can expect with Farrell’s Lawn & Garden Center in Bryan, OH.
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Why Choose a Professional for Your Lawn Care in Bryan, OH?

You might be considering the DIY route for your lawn care. After all, how hard can it be to mow the grass or plant some seeds? While the thought of saving some dollars might be appealing, there are compelling reasons to leave your lawn care to the professionals at Farrell’s Lawn & Garden Center.
Lawn care is not a one-time task; it requires year-round commitment, especially during the hot summer months. But why sweat under the scorching sun when you can leave all the laborious work to us? Our team is well-equipped to handle the heat and provide consistent care to your lawn throughout the year.
We have state-of-the-art lawn care equipment to ensure your lawn gets the best treatment possible. Not only that, but we also have access to the finest seeds, fertilizers, and pest control products, many of which are not readily available at your local garden store.
Each region has its unique set of indigenous plants, and Bryan, OH is no exception. Our team has extensive knowledge on the local plant life, understanding which plants thrive in our climate and how to care for them. This expertise allows us to create a lush, vibrant lawn that is both beautiful and sustainable.
Perhaps the most significant advantage of hiring a professional is the time you save. Lawn care can be time-consuming, particularly if you’re not well-versed in the intricacies of it. By entrusting your lawn to us, you can spend your valuable time enjoying your outdoor space rather than maintaining it.

While DIY lawn care might seem like a good idea, the benefits of professional lawn care services are simply too great to ignore. So, save yourself the hassle, and trust your lawn care in Bryan, OH, to the professionals at Farrell’s Lawn & Garden Center.

FAQs About Lawn Care In Bryan, OH

The best treatment for a lawn in Bryan, OH, comprises regular watering, mowing, and fertilizing with a slow-release, granular fertilizer in early spring.

It’s also crucial to control weeds and pests through eco-friendly methods and conduct regular lawn health checks. Remember, each lawn is unique; thus, a treatment that works well for one might not be as effective for another.

At Farrell’s Lawn & Garden Center, we tailor our lawn care services to each lawn’s specific needs, ensuring optimal health and vibrancy.

Caring for a small lawn in Bryan, OH, involves regular mowing with a high-quality mower to promote thick and healthy growth.

Water deeply but infrequently, allowing the soil to dry out between waterings, and fertilize with a slow-release granular fertilizer in early spring. Monitor for local pests and diseases, and consider adding native plants for variety and resilience. For any specific advice or services, reach out to Farrell’s Lawn & Garden Center.

Grass in Bryan, OH does not need to be watered every day. Overwatering can lead to shallow root growth and increase susceptibility to pests and diseases. It is recommended to water deeply but less frequently, aiming for about 1 inch of water per week.

During drier periods, you may need to water more often, but always aim to water in the early morning to minimize evaporation.

In Bryan, OH, start with a soil test to determine its pH and nutrient levels. Based on the results, apply lime to raise pH or sulfur to lower it. Next, apply a slow-release granular fertilizer in early spring as the grass starts to green up. If your lawn has bare patches, overseed these areas and cover with a thin layer of compost.

Regular watering, mowing, and weed control are also essential steps in the initial stages of lawn care. Contact Farrell’s Lawn & Garden Center for a customized lawn care plan.

Make the Right Choice for Your Lawn Today

Partner with Farrell’s Lawn & Garden Center, where expertise meets passion. Our 45+ years of landscaping experience and state-of-the-art resources ensure that your lawn will be lush, healthy, and beautiful.
Clayton Farrell, owner of Farrell's Lawn & Garden Center

Don’t wait – reach out to us at (419) 636-5429 or click the button below to send a message. You’ll see why we’re the top choice for lawn care in Bryan, OH.

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Jami Sulfridge


Great place for snow plowing services! Also, love going in to shop! Everyone is so friendly!


Shari Saneda


Farrells have serviced my lawn and snow removal for over 8 years. Professional, prompt and affordable.

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