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Backyard Design In Bryan, OH

Make your place shine with custom landscapes in Bryan, OH.

Backyard Design Of A Ohio Home Farrells Landscaping

Your backyard is the perfect place to build a deck, a patio, a porch, or a beautiful landscape filled with flowers, plants, and trees. You could use it to relax and kick back with your friends over a barbecue. 

And the best part of it is that you don’t need much to actually make your backyard design worthy of your property – a paver patio and a small shade structure is all it takes for you to start taking advantage of it.

At Farrell’s Lawn And Garden Center Bryan, we love helping our neighbors with their backyard design, and if you need help yourself, we might be the perfect fit!

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Get a high-quality backyard design with a complete outdoor remodeling service.

5 Best Things To Add In A Backyard Landscape

Creating a well-designed backyard design involves a thoughtful combination of elements to enhance aesthetics and functionality. Here are five key features you might consider adding:

An outdoor living space extends your home, providing a place for relaxation, dining, and entertainment. A patio or deck creates a designated area for outdoor activities, making your backyard a functional and inviting space.

Choose materials that complement your home’s architecture, such as natural stone, concrete pavers, or wood for a deck. Furnish the space with comfortable outdoor furniture, adding elements like an umbrella or pergola for shade.

Plants, trees, and flowers contribute to the beauty and vitality of your backyard. Greenery enhances the visual appeal, provides shade, and creates a more natural and peaceful atmosphere.

Incorporate a mix of shrubs, flowering plants, and trees suited to your climate. Consider adding planter boxes, hanging baskets, or raised garden beds for additional greenery and to create visual interest.

A fire pit or outdoor fireplace adds a cozy and social element to your backyard. It becomes a focal point for gatherings, providing warmth and ambiance during cooler evenings. Choose a portable fire pit, a built-in stone fireplace, or a modern fire table. Surround the area with seating such as outdoor sofas, chairs, or built-in benches to create a comfortable gathering space.

Water features add a sense of tranquility and visual interest to your backyard. The sound of running water can create a calming atmosphere, and the visual appeal of a fountain or pond can be a captivating focal point.

Consider a small fountain, a pond with aquatic plants, or a cascading waterfall. Integrate water features with landscaping to enhance the natural flow of your backyard.

Well-designed pathways and landscape lighting contribute to both functionality and aesthetics. Pathways guide movement through the space, while lighting enhances safety and creates a magical atmosphere during the evening.

Use materials such as stepping stones, gravel, or pavers for pathways. Install outdoor lighting along paths and in key areas, including spotlights for trees or architectural features, and path lights for safe navigation.

Here at Farrell’s Lawn And Garden Center Bryan, you’re getting a customizable solution that’s sure to uplift your entire backyard design. With us, you’re guaranteed a backyard that uplifts your spirits and makes you proud of your home.

Backyard Design Done in Bryan Ohio - Farrell's Landscaping

Check Out Our Backyard Design Projects

Check out some of the backyard designs we designed for your neighbors in Bryan, OH, and surrounding areas.

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The Cost Of A Backyard Design In Bryan, OH

Knowing the landscape design Bryan costs is recommended before starting a landscape design project. While looking at national averages can give a general idea, such numbers usually do not include factors that may affect the final price, such as local labor hourly rates, material costs, and any local permits required for the Bryan landscape design project.

The average cost homeowners pay for a backyard design design in Williams County is between $2,500 and $12,500.

Landscaping Service Average Cost Range
Landscape Design $2,200 – $6,180
Land Grading $100 – $3,400
Mulching $17 – $68 per cubic yard
Planting Flower Beds $650 – $3,000
Planting Trees and Bushes $25 – $3,000 per tree or bush (depends on size)

Backyard Hardscaping Cost

Besides flower beds, plants, trees, and a nice lawn, you’ll also need some hardscaping elements. These will give some contrast to your outdoor space and it will actually make it usable for you and your family.
Hardscaping Service Average Cost Range
Decks $3,920 – $10,540
Fencing $1,330 – $5,550
Fire Pits $240 – $2,400
Gazebos $5,358 – $9,058
Landscape Curbing $730 – $1,720
Landscape Lighting $100 – $200 per light
Outdoor Kitchens $5,057 – $17,276
Pathways $8 – $22 per square foot
Patios $2,363 – $5,909
Pergolas $2,100 – $6,000
Ponds $3,680 – $14,500
Retaining Walls $3,500 – $9,400
Water Fountains/Waterfalls $1,141 – $3,692

Why Work With An Expert On Your Backyard Design

Working with a professional landscape designer offers several advantages, contributing to the success and satisfaction of the project. Here are three key reasons why it’s often better to collaborate with a landscape professional:

Landscape professionals bring a wealth of design expertise and creativity to the project. They deeply understand principles such as balance, proportion, and focal points, allowing them to create aesthetically pleasing and functional outdoor spaces.

Landscape professionals possess extensive knowledge of plants, trees, and materials. This enables them to make informed decisions based on your project’s requirements and environmental considerations.

Additionally, they can guide you in selecting durable and appropriate materials for features like pathways, patios, and outdoor structures to ensure longevity and functionality.

Professionals handle projects from planning to implementation, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. They create realistic timelines, coordinate tasks like excavation and irrigation, and collaborate with skilled contractors. Their problem-solving skills address challenges, minimizing disruptions.

Your Neighbors Love Working With Us

We’ve transformed Bryan, OH’s landscapes with custom backyard designs and custom landscapes for years now. Our happy clients are a testament to our quality craftsmanship.


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Great selection at their shop and greenhouse. Landscaping crew does phenomenal work.


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The interaction’s that I have had with the owner of Farrell’s L&G have always been courteous and professional. I would highly recommend them for you needs!


Consider factors such as your local climate, soil type, sunlight exposure, and maintenance preferences. Choose a mix of plants with varying heights, colors, and textures to create visual interest. Native plants are often a good choice as they are adapted to the local environment.
Opt for low-maintenance plants and features such as native shrubs, ground covers, and ornamental grasses. Incorporate hardscaping elements like gravel paths, mulched areas, or drought-tolerant plants to reduce the need for frequent watering and upkeep.
Start by defining different zones for dining, lounging, and gardening activities. To create gathering areas, incorporate outdoor furniture, such as a patio set or comfortable seating. Add features like a fire pit, outdoor kitchen, or pergola to enhance functionality and ambiance.
Consider practices such as using native plants, implementing efficient irrigation systems, and selecting eco-friendly materials for hardscaping. Once established, capture rainwater, compost organic waste, and choose plants that require minimal water. These practices contribute to a more environmentally friendly landscape.
Lighting adds both safety and ambiance to your backyard. Use a combination of pathway lights, spotlights for focal points, and ambient lighting for outdoor living areas. Consider energy-efficient options such as LED fixtures and explore smart lighting solutions for convenience and customization.

A Backyard Landscaping Service In Bryan, OH, That Takes Care Of Everything

The best way to make your backyard is consistent with the rest of your property is through a quality landscaping service that uplifts every aspect of this space. Whether by adding a deck, a patio, or some flower beds with a lawn, a backyard landscaping service is sure to increase your home’s value and make you prouder of your place.

Clayton Farrell, owner of Farrell's Lawn & Garden Center

Give us a call at (419) 636-5429 or request a free quote, and we’ll circle back to discuss your upcoming landscaping project!

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