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Pergola Vs Gazebo For Your Landscape In Bryan, OH?

If you want to add a shade structure in your outdoor space, the most popular upgrades here in Bryan, OH, are pergolas and gazebos.

But which is better?

In a nutshell, pergolas are great to add on a patio or a deck, whereas a gazebo works great in a landscape or a garden.

However, we’ve seen both of these work great in various settings. Let’s see where does the pergola vs gazebo debate takes us.

Pergola Vs Gazebo Pros Cons - Image Split in Two

Differences Between Pergolas and Gazebos

Knowing the key differences between pergolas and gazebos is crucial for choosing the right structure to fit your Bryan, OH, landscape. Consider their purpose, visual appeal, and installation processes that can transform your outdoor space.

Pros And Cons Of Pergolas

Pros Of Pergolas Cons Of Pergolas
Aesthetic Enhancement: Pergolas add elegance and style to outdoor spaces, boosting overall aesthetics. Limited Weather Protection: Offers partial shade but does not provide full shelter from rain or harsh weather.
Outdoor Living: These freestanding structures create an additional outdoor living area for dining, entertaining, or relaxation. Maintenance: May require regular maintenance, especially for wood, which may need staining or sealing.
Versatility: Customizable to suit different styles and preferences, either standalone or attached to buildings. Cost: The cost of installation can be relatively high, considering materials and professional labor.
Supports Plants: Provides a framework for climbing plants, adding greenery and a natural atmosphere. Installation Complexity: Building may be complex, potentially requiring professional installation.
Increased Property Value: Well-designed and well-maintained pergolas can potentially enhance the resale value of a property by improving its outdoor appeal. Limited Privacy: Open sides mean limited privacy; additional features may be needed for screening.
Gazebo With Garden In Bryan Ohio

DIY vs Hiring a Professional

Tackling the installation of a pergola or gazebo in your Bryan, OH, landscape is a significant decision, and whether to do it yourself or hire a professional is a critical consideration. Let’s dissect the pros and cons:
DIY Installation Professional Installation
Cost savings are often the most compelling reason for homeowners to take the DIY route. Hiring a professional may come with a higher cost, but it includes expert craftsmanship.
Personal satisfaction from completing the project can be immense for those who are handy. Peace of mind knowing the job is done right by experienced hands is invaluable.
Time commitment is substantial and requires patience and a flexible schedule. Efficiency is key; professionals work promptly, ensuring a timely project completion.
Learning opportunities arise from hands-on experience with materials and techniques. Quality assurance comes from hiring skilled laborers who are familiar with local building codes.
Potential for mistakes exists, which could lead to additional costs or need for repairs. Warranty or guarantee on workmanship is often provided when a professional is involved.
Tools and equipment must be sourced, which can be challenging for some homeowners. Contractors bring their own tools, ensuring the use of professional-grade equipment.
Permits can be confusing and time-consuming to obtain for those unfamiliar with the process. Professionals typically handle permits and are versed in local regulations and requirements.

Selecting between DIY and professional installation hinges on a balance of cost, expertise, time, and personal confidence in undertaking such a project. Homeowners should weigh these factors carefully before enhancing their outdoor living space.

Permits and Utilities

Deciding between DIY and hiring a professional for outdoor structure installation like pergolas or gazebos may affect obtaining permits and dealing with utilities. In Bryan, OH, paying attention to legal requirements and utility locations is crucial before adding any landscape feature.

Before starting your project, look up Bryan’s local building codes and zoning laws. These rules will let you know if you need a permit for your new garden structure.
If a permit is required, submit the necessary paperwork to the local authorities. This usually includes detailed plans of your outdoor structure and a site plan of your property.
It can take several weeks to receive the green light from city officials, so factor this time into your backyard addition schedule.
Reach out to gas, water, and electric providers to ensure no lines are running underneath your planned garden design upgrade.
For safety reasons, have a professional inspect areas where you will dig. This helps prevent accidental damage that could disrupt services or create hazards.
Make sure the location of your pergola or gazebo doesn’t infringe on neighboring properties or road or utility poles. Use a property survey to confirm boundary lines if necessary.
Plan for easy access to utility lines for maintenance after installing your outdoor shelter. Ensuring pathways remain clear avoids complications down the road.

Adhere strictly to safety norms set by authorities while constructing your landscape feature to guarantee compliance with city regulations.

Effect on Property Value

Opting for a pergola or gazebo can positively impact your property’s value. These outdoor structures catch the eye of potential buyers and may lead to a higher resale price.

A well-designed pergola offers an elegant space for relaxation and entertainment, appealing to real estate listings in Bryan, OH. Installing a sturdy gazebo adds luxury to your landscape, potentially boosting curb appeal and attracting those seeking unique garden designs.

Crafting these additions with quality materials enhances durability and overall aesthetics. Choose a wooden structure that blends with nature or modern materials with a longer lifespan and less maintenance. Both options are investments in your property’s marketability.

Homeowners prioritizing yard enhancement find that erecting a pergola or gazebo creates an inviting backyard retreat, increasing home value.


A pergola has an open roof structure, while a gazebo has a closed rooftop.
Yes, you can place either one in your yard but check for underground utilities and other zoning regulations first.
Yes, most of the time you will need to obtain a permit before constructing a pergola or gazebo.
A gazebo provides more shade because it has a solid roof compared to the slatted top of a pergola.
Typically, gazebos are more expensive due to their intricate design and full-coverage roofs.


Choosing between a pergola and gazebo for your Bryan, OH, backyard space depends on cost, durability, sunlight exposure, and shade preferences.

Each structure adds charm and value to your home, enhancing outdoor living spaces and creating an outdoor oasis that complements modern architecture.

Regardless of what’s your preferred choice, here at Farrell’s Lawn And Garden Center, we’ve installed dozens of pergolas and gazebos. If you want a quality gazebo or pergola installation from an expert that puts you first, get a free quote from our website and we’ll call you back as soon as possible.