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5 Tips To Winterize A Deck In Ohio

As winter breathes its frosty air into Ohio, many homeowners worry about their decks’ durability during this potentially harsh season.

Whether you have a composite deck or a wood deck, winterizing it for the upcoming cold seasons will extend its lifespan and maintain its look for another several more years.

We’ll offer you five essential tips on how to protect and preserve your beloved outdoor space over the winter months.

Let’s dive in right away!

Ohio Deck With Steps Covered In Snow

Key Takeaways

Tips to Winterize a Deck in Ohio

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to winterize your deck in Ohio.

Ensuring a clean deck area stands as your first line of action in winterization. This process encompasses several vital steps:

  1. Collect all the visible debris, dirt, and wayward twigs.
  2. Move outdoor furniture aside to expose hidden areas
  3. Trim nearby plants to prevent them from dropping leaves onto the deck.
  4. Carefully sweep the surface with a soft bristle broom.
  5. Utilize a power washer for a comprehensive cleaning.
  6. Use specialized deck cleaners for stubborn grime or stains.
Cleaning A Deck In Ohio With Power Washer
You can’t overlook the importance of sealing or staining your deck. Here’s why:
  1. Apply a water-repelling seal: A seal prevents moisture from penetrating the wood of your deck. This mitigates the risk of winter-related damages such as cracking and splintering.
  2. Choose an appropriate stain: Stains not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also add an extra layer of protection. This helps to maintain your deck’s look through harsh Ohio winters.
  3. Mind the drying time: Don’t rush the process! It’s important to let the stain or seal dry fully before coming in contact with it.
  4. Pick a dry, mild day for application: The effectiveness of the seal or stain depends on appropriate weather conditions during application.
Water On Ohio Deck Being Protected With Water Sealing
Caring for outdoor furniture ranks highly in winter deck maintenance, especially in Ohio’s harsh winters. Here are practical steps you can take to protect your patio pieces:
  1. Start by cleaning each piece thoroughly. This helps to remove all the dirt, grime and any other residue.
  2. Apply protective sprays suitable for different materials. For example, fabric guard works well on upholstery while a weather-resistant spray benefits wood, metal or plastic pieces.
  3. Cover them up! Invest in high – quality furniture covers that provide a defence against snowfall, rain and fading from UV rays.
  4. Consider relocating them if possible. If you have storage space available or a shed, it may be wise to store your furniture there during the off-season.
  5. Regularly inspect your furniture throughout the winter season to ensure no damages have occurred and everything remains secure under protected covers.
  6. Always clear snow off as soon as possible to prevent moisture damage and freezing which can crack or warp your outdoor furniture.
Regular inspection and immediate repairs are crucial steps in winterizing your deck in Ohio. It’s about ensuring that it can withstand the harsh winter weather conditions.
  • Start by examining the deck’s structural integrity, checking for signs of rot, cracks, or loose connections in the beams, joists, and posts.
  • Pay close attention to any areas near the ground, as they are more susceptible to moisture damage. 
  • Next, inspect the deck surface for loose or damaged boards, protruding nails, or splintered wood that could pose tripping hazards.
  • Check the railing for stability and ensure that balusters are securely fastened.
  • Don’t forget to examine the ledger board attachment to your house, as a secure connection is crucial.

Following a snowfall, it’s imperative to clear the snow off your deck promptly.

  1. Gather the right tools, such as a shovel and broom.
  2. Begin by sweeping away light dustings of snow.
  3. If the snow is heavy, use a plastic shovel instead of metal to avoid scratching the deck.
  4. Shovel in a pattern that goes along with the boards to prevent causing damage.
  5. Keep an eye out for ice patches and use a safe de – icing product if needed.
  6. Careful not to pile all of the snow in one area on or near your deck, distributing it evenly can reduce stress on certain sections.
  7. Regularly check and clean your gutters to prevent meltwater from freezing and causing ice dams.

Importance of Winterizing Your Deck

Proper winter deck maintenance plays a critical role in preserving your outdoor living space. In Ohio, the frigid temperatures and heavy snowfall can cause serious damage to your beautiful deck if not prepared appropriately for winter.

Wood or composite materials can suffer elements-related damages, such as splintering, warping, or rotting when subjected to cold weather conditions.

Protecting your deck during winter extends its lifespan and maintains its overall functionality and appearance. Moisture trapped within cracks of the decking material freezes during colder periods; This expansion often leads to further cracking, especially in wooden decks.

Moreover, excessive moisture encourages mold growth – degrading both aesthetics and structure integrity over time. Winterizing your Ohio deck ensures it stands up against these environmental hazards while also potentially saving you considerable money on costly repairs or replacements down the line.

Low-Maintenance Decking Options

Consider upgrading to low-maintenance decking options such as Trex Composite Decking or TimberTech Composite Decking. These options provide durability and require less winter care, making them ideal for Ohio’s harsh winters.

Trex Composite Decking

Trex Composite Decking gives homeowners an ideal solution when seeking low-maintenance decking options. Composed of around 95% recycled materials – wood fibers and plastics, it offers a high level of durability against the harsh Ohio winters.

This eco-friendly deck material resists warping, fading or cracking even under brutal snowy conditions, reducing your maintenance tasks during winter months. With Trex composite decks, you get to worry less about how your deck is holding up in the winter, and enjoy a self-sustainable outdoor space regardless of the weather outside.

TimberTech Composite Decking

TimberTech Composite Decking offers an ideal choice for homeowners looking for durability combined with low maintenance in Ohio’s winter season. This type of decking equips you with the power to withstand harsh winters as it won’t warp, rot, or fade – even under snowy conditions.

Its exceptional resilience means little to no repair and its superior resistance against moisture prevents any risk of mold growth. A clean sweep is all TimberTech Composite Decking calls for while preparing your deck space before winter sets in.

From Cincinnati to Sterling Exteriors, many have appreciated its innate ability not only to weather the winters but also maintain aesthetically pleasing throughout the year; truly a hassle-free solution that delivers function and style!


A clean, sealed and well-maintained deck speaks volumes about a homeowner’s care for their property. It also extends the life of your outdoor living space while keeping its aesthetics intact.

Remember, a properly maintained deck contributes to your home’s curb appeal even during freezing Ohio winters.

If you’re after a deck that takes care of itself, composite decks are great investment choice, and here at Farrell’s Lawn And Garden Center, we can take care of it for you! Get in touch with us at (419) 636-5429 or request a free quote today!