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Pergola Vs Gazebo For Your Landscape In Bryan, OH?

Pergola Vs Gazebo Pros Cons - Image Split in Two

If you want to add a shade structure in your outdoor space, the most popular upgrades here in Bryan, OH, are pergolas and gazebos. But which is better? In a nutshell, pergolas are great to add on a patio or a deck, whereas a gazebo works great in a landscape or a garden. However, we’ve […]

What Is An Outdoor Living Space, And Why Will You Love One?

Outdoor living space covered porch with couches and chairs.

You can create a personalized outdoor paradise in your backyard! Can you see a stone patio perfect for entertaining, with a pergola above it, a water feature creating the relaxing sound of running water, and beautiful plantings to enjoy? This is only one of the ways to answer the question, ‘What is an outdoor living […]