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Lawn Fertilization In Swanton, OH

Want to enjoy a lush and beautiful lawn this upcoming season? We've got a great solution!

Garden Worker Preparing Grass Fertilizer in Swanton Ohio
Maintaining a lawn is challenging. It involves regular maintenance like trimming, mowing, watering, and fertilizing. Unfortunately, most clients neglect their lawns and still expect to have a beautiful lawn when the season starts, but that’s never going to happen without proper lawn care.

Our lawn fertilization service in Swanton has transformed numerous lawns, and we can do the same for your property. Whether you have a small patch of grass in your front yard or a huge area where you’d like your lawn to thrive, we’ve got you covered!

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Clayton Farrell, owner of Farrell's Lawn & Garden Center

Clayton Farrell – Owner of Farrell’s Lawn & Garden

Clayton has been an active part in the family business for as long as he can remember. As the proud owner of Farrell’s 4-decades-old legacy, he continues to show his talent and commitment by designing, installing, and maintaining Ohio’s and Indiana’s landscapes.

A Reliable And Superior Lawn Fertilization In Swanton

We’ve been taking care of homeowners’ lawns here in Swanton, Defiance, Napoleon, Bryan, and surrounding areas for generations. We know the climate, the soil, and the right type of grass that’ll thrive in this area. We offer what no other landscaper in Swanton does.
Beautiful Healthy Lawn Fertilized By Farrell's Lawn and Garden Center

What Your Lawn Can Look Like

We deeply admire exquisite lawns and derive great joy from enriching their verdant beauty. Take a glimpse at the magnificent lawns we have nurtured and witness their awe-inspiring transformation.

State-of-the-art fertilizing equipment

Reliable lawn fertilizing experts

45+ years of experience

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Are you aiming for a stunning lawn this season? Contact us at (419) 636-5429 to discuss your project. Our team will be more than happy to offer you a comprehensive quote and timeline. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to assist you!


Chuck Wallace


Called and asked for a quote for weed and feed plus overseeding they had someone out with in a day. Price was fair and the service was great. Weeds have left and grass is coming in thicker


Cindy Seaman


Farrell’s lawn and garden center was very helpful on the planning and executing our landscaping project. The staff was very knowledgeable regarding the products that were used in our project. The staff is readily available to answer any questions you may have and to assist in anyway possible. We could not have done this project without their expertise knowledge and assistance.

Cost Of Lawn Fertilization In Swanton, OH

At Farrell’s Lawn And Garden Center, we offer three distinct lawn care plans tailored to our valued clients. Whether you possess a townhouse lot spanning 10,000 to 20,000 sq. ft., rest assured that we have the perfect solution. 

Our basic package starts at an affordable $174 per year, while our comprehensive service is priced at $397 per year. Both options are thoughtfully designed to ensure your lawn’s vibrancy and picturesque beauty, leaving you with a sight to behold. Simply select the plan that aligns with your needs, and entrust the rest to us!

Weed And Feed

Total Weed Control

Lush Lawn Complete

Keep your lawn free from crab grass with our specialized application.

Blocks dandelion growth and nourishes your lawn for a vibrant, weed-free appearance.

The best dry-season option that doesn’t burn out in high temperatures, leaving you with a deep green lawn.

Eliminates broad-leaf plants with effective and safe herbicides.

A special all-inclusive application that stays on your lawn to give it a headstart in spring.

*pricing shown for a typical townhouse lot (10,000 – 20,000 ft²), including tax.

Starting at


Starting at


Starting at 



Here’s what can influence the cost of fertilizing a lawn:

To obtain a precise pricing quote for lawn fertilizing in Swanton, OH, simply request a free quote on our website. We will promptly get in touch with you in response.

An Expert Landscaper That Takes Care Of Everything

Homeowners may have reservations about undertaking projects like this but fear not. We have streamlined the process, ensuring you can effortlessly achieve a vibrant landscape without any worries.

We have carefully crafted our plans to suit everyone, regardless of budget. Our outstanding subscription offer makes us unique: complete lawn maintenance for a whole year, priced at just $397.

We aim to offer a seamless experience with prompt and efficient service. While prioritizing speed, we never compromise on product quality. Rest assured, the promised outstanding results are guaranteed.

beautiful home lawn with flower beds

Enjoy A Green Lawn Without The Hassle

Getting started is a breeze with this streamlined process. Just take two minutes to complete our contact form, and we’ll promptly contact you within two business days.



Request a free quote, and we’ll call you back in two business days.



We’ll start fertilizing your lawn according to our initial plan.



You’ll see the results in less than a month and enjoy a lush landscape.

Lawn Fertilizing FAQs

Our lawn fertilizers have minimal impact on pets or children. However, as an extra precaution, waiting for 24 hours after application is recommended before allowing them on the lawn. This waiting period helps reduce potential exposure, although it is not mandatory or considered harmful.

Lawn fertilization usually entails the application of either granular or liquid fertilizer or weed and feed products. When utilizing granular applications, removing any pellets that land on sidewalks, driveways, or roads is important. Additionally, we placed a yard sign to inform passersby that a fertilization application had been performed.

Our lawn fertilization applications have been specifically designed to safeguard and nourish your lawn. These fertilizers are formulated as slow-release products, providing nutrients gradually over time. The controlled-release mechanism prevents over-fertilization risk, ensuring your lawn remains unharmed and free from damage. These fertilizers rely on the natural occurrence of rain or dew to activate their release, guaranteeing a balanced and nourishing feeding for your precious lawn. You can rest assured knowing that your lawn is in capable hands with these meticulously selected fertilizers.

Our lawn fertilizing products are tailored to meet your lawn’s unique needs. After a thorough inspection, we select the best products to promote healthy grass growth by providing essential nutrients and treatments. If you prefer organic lawn care, we also offer 100% organic products upon request. Trust us to enhance your lawn’s beauty and vitality.

At Farrell’s Lawn & Garden Center, we hold licenses in Ohio and Indiana, allowing us to apply fertilizers and pesticides expertly. These licenses speak to our unwavering dedication to meeting all necessary requirements and qualifications, ensuring the safe and responsible handling and application of these products. With our commitment to excellence, you can trust us to deliver exceptional service while prioritizing environmental responsibility.

For optimal results, off-the-shelf products simply can’t compare to the professional-grade lawn fertilizers licensed applicators use. Licensed applicators have exclusive access to potent, effective, and safe products specifically formulated for their use. These products undergo rigorous testing and quality control measures to ensure reliability and performance.

Show Off Your Beautiful Lawn This Year

There’s nothing quite like hosting a family gathering or a barbecue and basking in the compliments on the stunning beauty of your lawn. The overwhelming sense of pride that engulfs you is simply indescribable, reaffirming that you made the perfect decision – and you would make it again without hesitation.

Seize the opportunity to craft a breathtaking landscape that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who steps foot on your property. Contact us at (419) 636-5429 or request a free quote!

(takes 1-2 min)


Robin Shockley


Done a wonderful job on cleanup of leaves and tree limbs


Robert McCaslin



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