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3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Shovel Snow If You’re Over 50

Snow shoveling might seem like a harmless winter task, but for individuals over 50, it can be hazardous. Recent studies suggest that shoveling pounds of snow could increase the risk of heart attacks in this age group.

Our article delineates three major reasons why seniors should avoid this strenuous physical activity and tips on finding reliable help for snow clearing.

Old man shovels snow from driveway with back turned

Key Takeaways

3 Reasons to Avoid Shoveling Snow If You're Over 50

The increase in heart attack risk, the potential for serious injury, and the undue stress on joints and muscles are all critical reasons people over 50 should forego shoveling snow.

Shoveling snow is hard work. It makes your heart beat fast and can lead to a heart attack. The cold weather also adds stress to your heart. If you’re over 50, have a history of heart issues or don’t exercise often, be careful! This mix of heavy work and cold weather might make the risk even higher.

Doing less strenuous tasks can keep your heart safe during winter times.

Shoveling snow can be dangerous for anyone over 50. You work hard lifting heavy, wet snow. This can lead to a bad fall or injury. Cold weather can make your body tight and stiff so pulling a muscle is easy.

It’s best not to risk getting hurt. Let someone else clear the snow from your driveway and path.

Shoveling snow is hard work. It can hurt your joints and muscles. As you age, your body changes. Your bones get weaker. Your muscles lose strength. This makes it easy to get hurt when you do heavy tasks like shoveling snow.

Cold weather also makes this worse. It can make your joints stiff and sore. Your muscles may not work as well in the cold too. So, moving a lot of snow might lead to strains or sprains, especially if you’re over 50 years old.

What to Look For When Hiring Someone To Shovel The Snow For You

In hiring someone to shovel the snow for you, look for a trustworthy individual with professional etiquette and possession of good quality equipment.


You want to feel sure when you hire someone for snow removal. Trust is the main thing between you and the person shoveling your snow. You should choose a person or crew that can prove they are honest and good at their job.

Check reviews from other homeowners about their work. Good words from others will give you peace of mind about who’s in your yard clearing snow this winter.

Good Equipment

Good tools make snow removal safe and easy. The person you hire must use a top-notch snow blower. This machine will clear the snow fast. It is also safer than a shovel.

Sturdy gloves, boots, and warm clothes are also vital for this job. These items help to keep the worker safe from extreme cold weather. It shows they take care of themselves while working in winter weather.


Go for a snow removal person who acts like a pro. They should show up on time and respect your space. A good pro will have all the tools needed to clear your lot without damaging it.

They should care for their work and treat it with pride. You may pay more for this service but you will save in the long run. It is worth every penny.


There’s no other way of saying this, but shoveling snow this winter puts your life at risk

Even if you don’t suffer from any heart problems, no one likes sore muscles and back pain. And if you’re not an athlete in your prime, it’s best to leave this task to someone else.

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