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Paver Patios in Waterville, OH

Redefine your outdoor living area into a striking and functional haven with Farrell's Lawn And Garden Center in Waterville, OH!

Paver Patios in Waterville, OH

Picture a paver patio that acts as the focal point of your backyard, harmoniously fusing sophistication with utility. Farrell’s Lawn And Garden Center prides itself on delivering customized paver patios that fulfill all your leisure and hosting requirements, while also enhancing your home’s overall ambiance.

In Waterville, OH, Farrell’s Lawn And Garden Center stands out as the premier choice for transforming your outdoor environment into a stylish and serene retreat. We boast rapid completion rates and offer a 5-year warranty on our workmanship, ensuring your outdoor sanctuary withstands the test of time.

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Clayton Farrell, owner of Farrell's Lawn & Garden Center

Clayton Farrell – Owner of Farrell’s Lawn & Garden

Clayton has been an active part in the family business for as long as he can remember. As the proud owner of Farrell’s 4-decades-old legacy, he continues to show his talent and commitment by designing, installing, and maintaining Ohio’s and Indiana’s landscapes.

Tailored Solutions for a Supreme Outdoor Experience

Our pledge to tailor your paver patio project and the use of advanced 3D design tools guarantee the creation of a space that impeccably suits your personal style and functional needs.

Discover the Farrell’s Lawn And Garden Center advantage:

Elevate your outdoor relaxation and dining experiences in Waterville, OH. Reach out to us now at (419) 636-5429, and browse our website to see everything we offer!

Portfolio of Our Paver Patio Craftsmanship

Dive into our gallery to behold the transformational elegance and utility Farrell’s Lawn And Garden Center brings to outdoor spaces, inspiring your own paver patio endeavor:

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Reliable lawn fertilizing experts

45+ years of experience

Clayton Farrell, owner of Farrell's Lawn & Garden Center
Embark on creating your perfect outdoor living space with Farrell’s Lawn And Garden Center by contacting (419) 636-5429.

Accolades from Our Happy Waterville Customers

Our commitment to crafting exquisite outdoor environments is mirrored in the positive testimonials from our clients:


Cynthia Caja


Clayton and Kevin were great. They went above and beyond. We are very pleased with the unique design and ultimate appearance. They checked in with us often and remained attentive to our needs. Would use them again.


Rick & Kay Brink


The two men that planted our three trees did an outstanding job. Polite and professional. They cleaned up everything before leaving. I would want them to plant more trees for me when needed.

Benefits of Opting for a Paver Patio in Waterville, OH

Choosing a paver patio from Farrell’s Lawn And Garden Center comes with a myriad of perks:
Forge a memorable and versatile outdoor space perfect for serene solitude or lively gatherings.
Have a patio that reflects your taste with a design tailored specifically for you.
Enjoy high-quality, easy-to-maintain materials that keep your patio looking pristine.
Elevate your home’s market appeal and worth with a sophisticated outdoor feature.
Effortlessly blend the comfort of the indoors with the natural beauty of the outdoors.
Boost your property’s visual appeal with a professionally installed paver patio.

Investing in a Paver Patio in Waterville, OH

The cost for installing a paver patio varies depending on several factors, including the project’s scope, design intricacy, chosen pavers, level of design detail, and any additional customized features.

Generally, pricing starts at about $10,000, escalating to $150,000 or more. The majority of these projects tend to range from $25,000 to $50,000, dependent on the homeowner’s specific needs and choices.

Factors Influencing Paver Patio Costs

When considering a paver patio project in Waterville, OH, it’s important to be aware of the various elements that can affect the overall cost. 

These include:

For an accurate estimate tailored to your Waterville home, contact Farrell’s Lawn And Garden Center at (419) 636-5429.

Circular garden patio with freshly jet washed paving stones

Optimize Your Outdoor Living with Exceptional Paver Patio Solutions

Farrell’s Lawn And Garden Center is dedicated to providing Waterville homeowners with the ideal mix of design beauty, functional utility, and cost efficiency for their paver patio projects.


Enjoy luxurious paver patio options that align with your budget without sacrificing style or quality.


Our goal is to complete your project swiftly, enabling you to sooner relish in your enhanced outdoor space.

A Seamless Design and Construction Experience

Experience an effortless transition from the initial design consultation to the unveiling of your paver patio, intended to fulfill your vision with ease.



Blend your ideas with our expertise for a unique design plan.



Depend on our precise craftsmanship for a smooth and fulfilling renovation process.



Take pleasure in the added beauty and functionality of your outdoor area.

Initiate the path to your dream paver patio with Farrell’s Lawn And Garden Center in Waterville, OH. Call (419) 636-5429 today to start enhancing your outdoor living enjoyment.

FAQs on Paver Patios by Farrell's Lawn And Garden Center

Certainly! We offer a vast selection of paver styles, colors, and patterns to ensure your new patio flawlessly complements your home’s aesthetics.
Your options are vast, including outdoor kitchens, fire pits, lighting, and custom landscaping, enriching your patio’s functionality and charm.
The installation timeline can vary based on the project’s scope and complexity, but we aim to complete most paver patio installations within a few weeks, minimizing any inconvenience and swiftly providing you with a beautiful new outdoor space.
Absolutely, a professionally crafted paver patio can significantly increase your property’s appeal to prospective buyers, making it a valuable outdoor living feature.

Clayton Farrell

Transform Your Outdoor Space With Our Expert Guidance

Eager to transform your backyard into a picturesque sanctuary? Reach out to us today to kickstart your project! For additional details, get in touch at (419) 636-5429.

(takes 1-2 min)

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