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The Best Snow Removal In Napoleon, OH

If you leave it unattended, snowfall can cause all sorts of trip hazards that no homeowner wants to deal with.

The Best Snow Removal In Napoleon, OH

If left unattended, unexpected snowfall can create various trip hazards that homeowners definitely want to avoid. For one, melting snow can cause issues with the foundation walls of your home, deck, or any other wood structure on your property.

With Farrell’s Lawn And Garden snow removal service, you can ensure that your home and outdoor areas remain accessible, regardless of how much it snowed or what’s the weather forecast for the next few days.

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Clayton Farrell, owner of Farrell's Lawn & Garden Center

Clayton Farrell – Owner of Farrell’s Lawn & Garden

Clayton has been an active part in the family business for as long as he can remember. As the proud owner of Farrell’s 4-decades-old legacy, he continues to show his talent and commitment by designing, installing, and maintaining Ohio’s and Indiana’s landscapes.

A Snow Removal Service That Takes Care Of Everything

We sympathize with the frustration of tirelessly shoveling snow all day, only to wake up to a fresh layer of overnight snowfall. Our objective is to alleviate this burden by assuming the responsibility ourselves. We’re giving you…
Man cleans snow with a snow thrower goes right to left

Enjoy A Predictable And Efficient Snow Removal Service

Removing snow is not a task suited for everyone. It can be tiresome, exhausting, and frustrating. We’ve done it for over 45 years for households in Defiance, OH, and we keep at it!


Snow Removal Equipment


Snow Event Response With a Dedicated Team

45+ Years

Landscaping Experience

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Give us a call at (419) 298-5377, and let us know where you need our service. We’re fast, responsive, and don’t look for excuses when there’s work to be done!


Robert Sammons


Tony serviced my snow plow, very timely and was super quick to return a call for questions I had. Great Job!


Jami Sulfridge


Great place for snow plowing services! Also, love going in to shop! Everyone is so friendly!

Snow Removal Cost In Napoleon, Ohio

Snow removal services in Napoleon, OH, are available at a rate of $75 for clearing your driveway during a single visit and $25 for clearing a walkway. If you have a larger property and require snow removal in multiple areas, we are happy to provide you with a personalized quote that caters to your specific needs.

Tired of hiring someone to shovel every time it snows? We’ve got a better solution! Sign up for our Winter Snow Removal Package and enjoy 15 snow removal visits for your driveway and walkway — for just $750! We did the math for you, and you’d save an extra $750 per winter, so it’s totally worth it.

Snow Blowing car

A Reliable And Fast Snow Removal Service

We get it, no one wants to shovel snow when there are dozens of other things to take care of. Besides, who wants to deal with the back pain that comes right after? With us, you don’t have to worry about anything.
Our $750 subscription plan is specifically designed to help you save money while ensuring peace of mind. Instead of paying $100 to have your driveway shoveled every time it snows, this subscription will save you money, time, and a lot of worry!
You can trust us to diligently clear your driveway and walkway by 9 AM. We take great pride in our punctuality and assure you that we will arrive exactly as promised, leaving no room for unpleasant surprises.
Snow Blowing

Snow Removal Done Easy

Experience the perfect blend of speed, efficiency, affordability, and reliability with our top-notch snow removal services. Rest easy knowing that your driveway and walkway will always be clear, no matter the weather conditions.
Paver patio design



Call us or subscribe to our $750 plan to make sure your home becomes our priority.
shoveling snow



We’ll be on duty every time it snows, so your driveway and walkway remain clear of snow.
snow plowing



Use your driveway and walkway freely! Your home will remain accessible whenever it snows!

Snow Removal FAQs

Our removal services are accessible around the clock during the winter season. We promptly take action, including deicing, when there is a snow accumulation of half an inch. For snowfall of an inch or more, we offer plowing services, and our snow removal efforts persist until the snow event concludes. Be assured that we are committed to ensuring your safety and convenience throughout the winter months.
We utilize a fleet of trucks equipped with BOSS snow plows and salt spreaders to effectively remove snow. Moreover, we possess a range of payloaders for extensive commercial lots, deicing trucks, and dump trucks for snow hauling. Our equipment is contemporary and meticulously designed to efficiently and proficiently handle snow removal tasks.
In addition to snow removal, we also offer professional deicing services. Our comprehensive solutions encompass parking lots and sidewalks, ensuring safety and accessibility even in the harshest snowy and icy conditions. With meticulous application of liquid solutions like brine, we guarantee the effective melting of ice on your property.
To facilitate snow removal preparations, please ensure that your vehicles are parked in a garage or in a location that will not obstruct the snow removal team’s access. Once everything is properly arranged, you can relax and enjoy a delicious cup of hot cocoa while we take care of the snow removal task for you.

Prompt Snow Removal Where You Need It, When You Need It

We are fully committed to offering our valued customers in Napoleon, OH, and the neighboring areas with a reliable and expedient snow removal service. Our dedicated team strives to be punctual, efficient, and swift, ensuring you have absolute control over your property, regardless of the duration of snowfall.

If you’re ready to pass snow shoveling to a professional, we’re happy to help! Give us a ring at (419) 298-5377 or subscribe to our 15-day snow removal plan for the whole winter!

(takes 1-2 min)


Shari Saneda


Farrells have serviced my lawn and snow removal for over 8 years. Professional, prompt and affordable.




I wish I’d taken a picture inside with all the Christmas stuff. I did take a picture of the snowman kit we used on my granddaughter’s snowman. He turned out really good.

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Napoleon, OH, a small city nestled in the heartland of northwest Ohio, is replete with charming historical and natural landmarks.

A prominent feature of the city is the Napoleon Bridge; this iconic structure spanning the Maumee River offers picturesque views of the surrounding landscape. Also, the city is home to the historic Henry County Courthouse, a stunning example of Romanesque Revival architecture built in the late 19th century.

For nature lovers, the rich flora and fauna of Mary Jane Thurston State Park, located nearby, offers an enthralling experience. Napoleon, with its unique blend of history and natural beauty, truly embodies the spirit of Ohio.