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How Do You Build A Backyard Paver Patio In 5 Steps?

This Is The Basic Process To Building Paver Patios

It’s a smart move to know what’s happening to your home, especially when it’s a home improvement project.

In this post, you can find out how to build a paver patio. You can also find out what can make the timeline longer than expected.

Paver patio with furniture

How Do They Build Paver Patios?

“Now we know the cost to build an outdoor living space, but where do we start?” asks Josh.

Melissa shrugs. ”I’d guess with a patio as it’s probably the easiest part to build.” Josh frowns. “Is it? We don’t know anything about installing paver patios.”

Josh gets his phone from off of the charger and unlocks it. “Let’s get on Google and see what we can find on how to build a paver patio.” Melissa nods and comes to look over his shoulder.

Here’s what the couple discovers:

How To Build A Paver Patio In 5 Steps

  1. Outline the paver patio area
  2. Dig out the foundation – We may need a mini excavator to dig. It won’t look pretty for a while but some contractors will take care of any grass damage
  3. Add in gravel and compact it to form the base foundation area
  4. Level it out so your patio’s flat Put in the pavers

The 5 Main Factors That Can Affect The Building Timeline

1. Weather. In bad weather, the ground turns muddy and slippery. We can’t use the tools we need to as easily either. We want you to have the best patio, but we can’t guarantee it will be if we work in bad weather.

2. Size. Large patios take more time, labor, and materials to construct. Smaller patios tend to take less time because they take less work to install.

3. Complexity. The more work a project requires the long it’ll take to complete. Custom patios are harder to build which can lengthen the timeline. Basic patios are easier and quicker to install.

4. Materials on backorder. Some materials can be on backorder, especially due to the pandemic. This means it’ll take longer to build your paver patio.

5. Digging obstacles. Utilities, plumbing, tree roots, electrical wires, and other obstacles can affect the timeline. We may need to relocate anything we find in the patio area or where the patio’s going to be built.

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“What else do you think we need to know about patios?” asks Melissa. Josh shrugs. “Not sure. Let’s poke around this blog some more, it may have some answers.”