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Commercial Landscape Maintenance: What It Is And Why It’s Important

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Does your business need a new (and better) commercial landscape maintenance team? Is the current state of your landscape starting to become an eyesore?

In this article, you can find out what a commercial landscape maintenance program should involve, its importance, the benefits, and a look at the cost and cost factors. By the end of this post, you’ll have a better understanding of what’s involved in a commercial landscaping program.

If you’re looking to get your commercial landscape redone but are worried about cost, the cost of commercial landscaping might be less than you think.

What Is Commercial Landscape Maintenance?

Commercial landscape maintenance typically involves caring for a large area of land, such as an office complex or apartment complex. It typically includes mowing and trimming grass, weeding, pruning, edging, fertilizing plants, aerating soil, mulching beds, removing debris, watering plants, and planting for seasonal aesthetics. Commercial landscaping is when you make bigger changes to your surroundings, like planting permanent features or changing an existing design.

Why Is Commercial Landscape Maintenance Important?

Office building with freshly mowed grass


Professional landscapers know how to use plants and other elements to create attractive and inviting outdoor spaces that enhance your space’s overall look and feel. Whether you want a classic garden or a more modern design, the right team can help you create the perfect aesthetic for your property.


Professionals know how to maintain trees and other plantings properly so they remain healthy and safe for years. Regular pruning also reduces the risk of limbs falling on passersby or damaging structures on your property during storms. They also have the training and equipment to do this safely.

Increased Property Value

A well-maintained lawn and garden can make a huge difference when it comes time to sell, as potential buyers will appreciate having an attractive outdoor space already set up for them. It can increase your property value by 14%!

Save Time And Money

Regular upkeep will help prevent costly repairs caused by neglect or damage due to weather conditions or other environmental factors. It also can reduce the need for more intensive treatments that contribute to overall costs.

Regularly scheduled landscaping services will minimize labor costs associated with large-scale projects such as tree removal or major renovations, which would otherwise require extra workers and money.

Elevates The Community

When you take care of your property, the whole community improves. This makes people want to visit your company more. Also, if you keep your grounds safe and well-kept, it can help prevent crime. This protects your company’s and the community’s reputation. Taking care of your neighborhood is taking care of yourself.

What Are The Benefits Of Commercial Property Landscape Maintenance?

Public park looking incredible due to commercial landscape maintenance

Mitigation Of Pests

Many types of pests, such as mosquitos, spiders, and ticks, can hide in areas around your commercial property. Unkempt plants and foliage provide them with hiding places where they can thrive. Regular landscape maintenance helps to keep these areas trimmed back so that pests don’t have anywhere to hide.

Lusher Grass

Properly maintained grass adds an inviting appeal to any commercial property, while overgrown grass can quickly become an eyesore. Mowing at least once a week helps to keep grass growing healthy and lush while removing any dead or dying patches that may have formed due to heat or drought stress. Regular lawn mowing also promotes thicker growth, reducing the risk of weeds taking root in your lawn and garden beds. They may recommend hydroseeding to help your grass look better.

Healthy, Beautiful Flower Beds

Flower beds are a great way to add color and texture to any outdoor space, but they require consistent care to look their best year-round. Trimming back foliage helps prevent overgrowth from blocking sunlight or making it difficult for people to move through the area freely. Pruning also encourages blooms in flowering plants so that you get vibrant blooms throughout the entire season instead of just during certain times.

Hedges And Shrubs Shaped And Trimmed

Regularly trimming hedges and shrubs can keep them healthy, promote new growth, and make them look neat and uniform. Professional landscapers have the tools and experience to ensure your shrubbery is properly shaped while removing dead or diseased branches that could otherwise harm the plant’s health.

Weeds Eliminated

Weeds can compete with other plants for resources like water, sunlight, and soil nutrients. Removing weeds from your lawn helps keep grass lush and green. Professional landscapers can use various treatments, such as manual weeding, herbicides, or installing a weed barrier to eliminate weeds from your lawn quickly and effectively.

Trees Pruned And Maintained

Trees need regular pruning to stay healthy and strong, especially in high-traffic areas like commercial properties. Pruning trees helps them remain sturdy enough to withstand wind, rain, snow, ice, etc., while also maintaining their aesthetic beauty. Professional landscapers have the tools needed to prune trees safely, so they look their best without risking damage to surrounding structures or people.

Creates Peaceful Scenic Outdoor Areas For Business Clients

A well-maintained landscape creates a tranquil environment that will help you make a good impression on business clients. It can also create an inviting atmosphere that employees enjoy coming into every day. Professional landscape maintenance services can provide custom solutions tailored specifically to fit the needs of your commercial property so that you can be sure you are getting the best possible results.

What Are The Most Important Commercial Landscape Maintenance Tasks?

Main maintaining a commercial landscape

Fertilization And Mulching

Fertilizing and mulching your commercial landscape is essential for optimizing growth and keeping weeds at bay. Fertilizers provide nutrients to your plants and help them grow stronger and healthier. Mulch is a protective layer that prevents soil erosion and keeps moisture in the ground.

Tree Care And Trimming

Regular trimming can help trees grow healthy branches that reach out towards the sun and keep them from becoming too top-heavy or unbalanced, which can lead to breakage in high winds or heavy snowfall.

Pruning can also remove dead or damaged branches so that new ones can take their place without overcrowding the growth pattern of other trees in the area. Additionally, pruning helps maintain optimal shape and size so that you don’t have any unsightly overgrowth marring your landscape’s aesthetic appeal.

Bush And Shrub Trimming

Bush and shrub trimming helps control overgrowth while encouraging even growth patterns among all plants in an area. This will also prevent them from interfering with pathways or walkways on your property, making sure they remain clear for visitors or customers.

Mowing And Edging

Mowing ensures grass blades stay healthy by removing excess length and preventing them from matting down. Edging involves cutting away any extra grass along sidewalks, driveways, curbsides, flower beds, etc. This gives everything nice clean lines that complete the look of a professionally maintained property landscape design.

Regular Leaf And Tree Debris Removal

Regular leaf and tree debris removal are critical during fall months when leaves begin to pile up quickly. Removing these fallen leaves ensures they don’t compact into layers beneath other vegetation onsite. Instead, they can be composted offsite, where they won’t cause further issues later down the road. Additionally, leaf removal prevents pests like insects from setting up shop. 

Weed Control And Removal

Regular weed control will ensure that these pesky plants don’t crowd out desirable vegetation, detract from the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor area, or cause any structural damage from creeping roots or vines.

Seasonal Planting Rotation

Depending on the type of climate you live in and the plants you choose for your landscaping, it may be beneficial to change certain plantings each season. This is especially important for seasonal flowering plants like tulips and pansies; replacing them with heat-tolerant perennials in summer is a great way to keep your landscaping full and vibrant all year long. It’s best to use native plants as they thrive best.

Seasonal Clean-Up: Fall And Spring

It’s important to perform a deep clean of your commercial landscape at least twice per year—once in fall after leaves have fallen off trees (or before snow hits the ground) and once again just as temperatures begin to warm up.

Insect And Pest Management

Left unchecked, certain insect populations can quickly become out of control on commercial property and cause severe damage to both plants and structures alike. Comprehensive lawn care can prevent an infestation.

Irrigation Inspection And Maintenance

Sprinkler systems require regular maintenance to stay functioning properly over time. It’s important to inspect all components regularly for signs of wear or damage—particularly during winter when freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on irrigation lines—and make sure all nozzles are functioning correctly so water isn’t wasted through improper coverage areas or misdirected streams.

Hardscape Inspection And Maintenance

Walkways, patios, retaining walls, etc., need regular inspections (and repairs) because they endure considerable wear and tear over time from foot traffic and exposure to natural elements like sun, wind, rain, etc.

How Much Does Commercial Landscape Maintenance Cost?

Office building with freshly mowed grass
Commercial landscape maintenance costs can range from as low as several hundred to several thousand. It mainly depends on the following 3 factors:
Generally speaking, larger properties will require more resources (e.g., time, labor, materials) than smaller ones, requiring a higher price tag.
The type of services you request will also affect how much you spend on commercial landscaping services. Basic services (like mowing or weeding) will cost less than installing a new landscape.
If you need weekly mowing and trimming services, this would cost more than if these services were only required once every few weeks or months.

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