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Fall In Love With Autumn Planting

Landscaping with small stone wall and plantings - Farrell’s Lawn And Garden Center

Everyone believes that Spring time is the best and only time to plant trees & shrubs. Farrell’s knowledgeable staff needs you to know that is a MYTH.Fall time is perfect for those looking to place new trees & shrubs in their landscaping. This is because the soil is at a perfect temperature for roots to […]

August Garden: To Do List

August Garden: To Do List

It’s August and you know what that means… soon our kids will be headed back to school, the hottest days are upon us, and within the next 3 months temps will drop! WHERE DID THE TIME GO??!! Nevertheless, time continues and so does the maintenance of your lawn and garden. We have conjured up some […]

Sunflowers: The New Generation – Farrell’s Lawn And Garden Center

Artificial grass in backyard

Most sunflowers bloom with only one flower, just one time and then they die. Talk about a short lifespan to enjoy their radiant colors! About The Plant The next and new generation of sunflowers has launched from Syngenta plants, and we’re proud to be a distributor for these radiant beauties. Sunfinity™ Sunflowers are annuals that […]