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Sunflowers: The New Generation – Farrell’s Lawn And Garden Center

Most sunflowers bloom with only one flower, just one time and then they die. Talk about a short lifespan to enjoy their radiant colors!

About The Plant

The next and new generation of sunflowers has launched from Syngenta plants, and we’re proud to be a distributor for these radiant beauties.

Sunfinity™ Sunflowers are annuals that keep blooming and branching even after the initial flower has grown. In fact, it will bloom close to 100 flowers in a single season!

The retail price for these flowers absolutely signifies the value of the plant, because with as much love as the sunflower gets from social trends, they should bloom and branch all season.

Fun Facts

Sunflowers are ranked in the top plant trends for the last few years, which is no secret… they’re beautiful petals are EVERYWHERE.

From late spring to fall, these plants will flourish. There is no excessive care, as pruning and heading are not necessary. They also will grow greatly in both a garden, or a porch container, the preference is solely up to you!

In a garden, they can grow up to 36″-38″ inches high, and 24″-36″ inches wide. Expect these numbers to be a little smaller though if you intend on keeping them in a porch pot.

During colder days or evenings, these yellow delights are perfect to bring indoors and you don’t have to worry about messy, sticky pollen either!

Don't Miss Out!

Being a distributor is such an honor for us at Farrell’s, and with our select supply they are going fast. Join us this weekend April 26th-28th at our Spring Open House to get 20% off your flowers, and so much more for your garden.