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Modular Pools Vs Traditional Pools: Pros and Cons

If you’ve been wanting a pool on your property for a long time, now you can get one at a more affordable price and with a much quicker process.

Modular pools, or pools in shipping containers, are quickly gaining popularity as being a more cost-effective and just-as-fun pool option for our clients here in Ohio.

This article will remove any confusion by comparing the cost, installation process, durability, and features between modular pools vs traditional pools. Let’s dive right in!

Modular Pools Vs Traditional Pools

Modular Pools Vs Traditional Pools - Cost and Installation

Modular Pools: Lower cost, easier installation

Opting for a modular pool can save you both money and time. The design process is streamlined, reducing the overall cost of production, which consequently brings down the retail price – making it an affordable choice for many homeowners.

Unlike traditional pools, which often require extensive digging and groundwork, modular pools are pre-fab pools made in shipping containers and delivered to your home, ready to install.

This means they can be set up within days rather than weeks or months, saving you the hassle of enduring a lengthy construction period in your backyard.

Modular Pool Installed In Ohio

Traditional Pools: Higher cost, longer installation time

Making a choice between modular pools and traditional pools often comes down to variables like cost and installation time. Traditional pools gain a reputation for their high cost, mainly due to materials used in their construction.

The use of concrete or gunite requires more labor-intensive processes, leading to increased expenditure.

In terms of installation, traditional pools are known for taking longer periods due to the extensive work involved in the process. Excavation is needed before laying out the structure, followed by setting up plumbing systems and applying finishing touches such as tiling or painting.

These steps substantially increase the amount of time required compared to installing modular pool counterparts which come pre-built.

Traditional Pool Installed In Ohio

Modular Pools Vs Traditional Pools - Durability and Maintenance

Modular Pools: Less durable, less maintenance

Modular pools present homeowners with an attractive offering: less upkeep. Modular pools resist the common algae growth that plagues traditional pools, drastically cutting down on cleaning time.

However, these same materials can result in a slight drawback; a reduced lifespan compared to their concrete counterparts. Exposure to harsh elements and heavy use might cause wear and tear over time quicker than other pool types.

Yet many homeowners find this trade-off worthwhile for the lowered maintenance effort required by modular pools. Besides, if you get the highest quality installation on your shipping container pool, you’ll be in the safe zone and won’t have to worry about a thing.

Traditional Pools: More durable, higher maintenance

Traditional pools are known for their durability, making them a long-lasting investment for homeowners. However, this durability comes at the cost of higher maintenance requirements.

Regular cleaning, chemical treatments, and monitoring of water levels are necessary to ensure that traditional pools remain in good condition. The upkeep can be time-consuming and may require professional assistance from pool maintenance services.

Despite the higher maintenance involved, traditional pools offer reliable longevity for those willing to put in the effort to keep them well-maintained.

Customization and Features

Modular Pools: Limited customization, fewer features

Modular pools offer limited customization options and come with fewer features compared to their traditional counterparts. While they provide a cost-effective solution for homeowners, the range of design possibilities is somewhat restricted – even so, Mod Pools still give you the chance to get plunge pools!

With modular pools, you may have fewer choices when it comes to sizes, shapes, and additional features, such as waterfalls or built-in seating areas. However, these pools still provide an excellent opportunity to transform your backyard into a relaxing oasis without breaking the bank.

So if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option and don’t require extensive customization or advanced features, modular pools might be the right choice for you.

Note: We use Mod Pools for most of our pool installations. They offer a wide range of pools and different sizes and designs that can give you the pool you’ve always wanted but at a much lower cost. Check out their customization options and get on a call with us to make it happen!

Traditional Pools: Customizable, more features

Traditional pools offer homeowners between the ages of 40-50 the opportunity to fully customize their pool experience and enjoy a wide range of features. Whether you’re looking for built-in water slides, hot tubs, or custom lighting options, traditional pools have you covered.

With these pools, you can create a unique oasis in your backyard that fits your personal style and preferences. Additionally, traditional pools often come with more advanced technology and equipment options, such as automated cleaning systems and energy-efficient heating solutions.

So if you’re interested in having complete control over the design and functionality of your pool, traditional pools are the way to go.


Choosing between modular pools and traditional pools is difficult, and you want to first consider your priorities. If you want a cost-effective option, modular pools are great and convenient. They bring pretty much the same benefits as the traditional pools at a much more affordable price. You can even get a hot tub or a plunge pool too! If money is not a concern, then go for a traditional pool and build one according to your personal preferences right from the get-go.

Here at Farrell’s Lawn And Garden, we specialize in installing Mod Pools; whether they’re in the ground, above ground, or somewhere in between, we’ve got you covered with a high-quality, affordable, and complete service! 

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