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Fall In Love With Autumn Planting

Everyone believes that Spring time is the best and only time to plant trees & shrubs. Farrell’s knowledgeable staff needs you to know that is a MYTH.
Fall time is perfect for those looking to place new trees & shrubs in their landscaping. This is because the soil is at a perfect temperature for roots to grow due to the consistently warm weather.
When planting in the fall, your roots have more time to spread underneath the surface before the ground freezes. Usually for those who prefer to plant in the spring, often times the soil is too cold and the plants don’t grow until the soil warms up months later.
Also, most pests and plant-related diseases fade away by this time of year ensuring that your plants are more likely to have a healthier and longer lifespan.
When planning for fall plantation, its important to get your trees & shrubs rooted in plenty of time before colder weather creeps in. For example, September through October, and even early on in November is the perfect time to purchase, plan and plant! We hope this small insight on fall planting is beneficial and inspirational when considering your upcoming landscaping plans!