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August Garden: To Do List

It’s August and you know what that means… soon our kids will be headed back to school, the hottest days are upon us, and within the next 3 months temps will drop!


Nevertheless, time continues and so does the maintenance of your lawn and garden. We have conjured up some easy tips for you to get your garden ready for the months ahead.

1.) Pull Those Weeds

As soon as you see weeds popping up, pluck them out! The sooner you get them out, the less likely they are to seed and spread.

2.) Deadheads Be Gone!

Time to pluck your plants and remove deadheads. With lack of rain, and hot August temps your plants will lose some of their leaves, buds, and more. Removing them doesn’t harm the plant… in fact it does the opposite!

3.) Keep New

While it may be time to say goodbye to old dead plants through pruning, keep the ones you recently planted. Reapply soil or mulch to retain moisture and don’t give up on them just yet!

4.) Test Your Soil

Soil tests are inexpensive, and ensure that your soil is retaining moisture and giving your plants the nutrients they need especially as weather is changing.

5.) Preorder Your Bulbs

Luckily, there are companies who love your love for gardening. They will even take preorders and send you your spring bulbs at the perfect time for fall planting!

Hopefully that to-do list wasn’t too overwhelming, in fact, it should help you feel more prepared to have a beautiful garden, and take on August with green thumbs!